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Food in Winsconsin

Food in Wisconsin has plenty of cheese and sausages, accompanied with beer.

Green tea

It is not always that we are so fortunate that something we enjoy is good for us. How lucky we are that green tea fits that role so well!

Food in Michigan

Food in Michigan is varied, and it comes with a cherry on the top.

Food in Illinois

Illinois is known for meat and grain processing and for signature dishes such as Chicago pizza. Discover as well Chicago hot dogs, Italian beef sanwiches and other interesting foods in Illinois, outside from Chicago.

English cheese

There is more than Cheddar to English cheese. Take the tour and you may find a few surprises along the way.

Cheese and nutrition

Cheese is one of the healthiest foods available. Its bad reputation stems from its fat content, but consumed in moderation and with the option of low fat cheeses one can get all the benefits without any danger to the waistline.

Oriental Cooking

Oriental cooking is a hit with home cooks exploring other cuisines for its simplicity, blend of flavors and easy, quick recipes. Find the Orient in your kitchen.

Food in Mississippi

Mississippi food is typical Southerner food.

Basic International Pantry

The basic pantry items millions of home cooks all over the world store; the ones they use every day to prepare simple, straightforward dishes, very easy to replicate at home.


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