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Aniseed myrtle

Subtle anise flavor with a hint of green tea, ideal for infusions and seasoning; used as anise or licorice flavoring.

British food

English people will joke about their cuisine, or the lack of it, as the infamous meat and two vegs is still seen as the epitome of British cooking. That might be just a sample of the so called British humor or just they don’t know what they are cooking.

Meatloaf recipes

Meatloaf is an American classic; a comfort food for those who grew up on the frugal favorite. It has earned its spot on the menus of  American housewives because it is a simple and relatively economical main dish.

Horrible Halloween recipes

Just like Christmas and Thanksgiving, Halloween is a time for making lots of yummy things to eat. But the recipes are a bit different from those other two traditional holidays. Here are a couple that trick-or-treaters will appreciate.

California Central Coast Wineries

Planning a wine touring vacation could seem a little daunting to those that have never been on one before. Many websites, brochures and travel agents can sometimes give you very different information. And with a couple hundred wineries in The Central Coast of California, you might not be able to decide where to start.

How to prepare, store and brew coffee

Get the freshest beans; roast and grind at home, if possible; brew only what you are going to drink because it is best to drink coffee withing the hour.

Food places

Where do you eat? Cook? Keep your food supplies? Maybe you need to explain a little about the environment when talking, or writing, about food.

Celebrating Halloween with spook-tacular food

Halloween raps gently upon your spookily decorated front door.  Witches and goblins, Frankenstein’s monster and popular children program characters gather in your living room. What do you do to calm these savage beasts and prevent any nefarious mischief?

Kids Christmas cookies

Christmas is a special time for treats. We might make some to indulge ourselves, some to give as presents, and, of course, some to treat Santa and his reindeers.



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