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Food places

Where do you eat? Cook? Keep your food supplies? Maybe you need to explain a little about the environment when talking, or writing, about food.

Celebrating Halloween with spook-tacular food

Halloween raps gently upon your spookily decorated front door.  Witches and goblins, Frankenstein’s monster and popular children program characters gather in your living room. What do you do to calm these savage beasts and prevent any nefarious mischief?

Kids Christmas cookies

Christmas is a special time for treats. We might make some to indulge ourselves, some to give as presents, and, of course, some to treat Santa and his reindeers.


Panama food

Panama food combines local ingredients with some international flavors, inherited from their many visitors. The Panama Canal Zone has something special and this shows in the food.

How to make homemade wine

It started like this: I was 18 years old, on the beginning of a new life, in a new home, and too young to buy alcohol legally. The problem was, I really liked wine. I had been drinking it socially for years, but on someone else’s dime.

Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is no longer just about a Feast Day for the Patron Saint of Ireland. This day has become more of a celebration of the Irish themselves. And in the United States, this is a huge step.


Thanksgiving in the U.S. is just as diverse as the people that call this country home. Traditionally we think of a turkey as the main course, granted many people that celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S. do indeed have a turkey as the center piece, some have ham in its place.

Father's Day

Grumblegrumblegrumble. What was that honey? What day is it?

Grumblegurmblegrumble. It is Father’s Day! Grumblegrumble.

Food in Morocco

Moroccan rich cuisine includes foods such as the popular couscous and tagines, skillfully seasoned to produce wonderfully fragant and spiced -but not overly hot- dishes. Both, couscous and tagines, are Berber dishes, but Moroccan cuisine also shows the influences Arab, Mediterranean, Spanish and neighbour African countries.


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