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Latin American pantry

Stock up your cupboard with the right ingredients and you will be able to prepare any Latin American recipe that takes your fancy.

Mexican pantry

Mexican foods owe their flavor to their traditional condiments. Herbs such as oregano and basil, and spices such as cumin are among them. Garlic is also a popular seasoning in Mexico but no Mexican dish, unless is dessert, is considered finished without adding chili in some fashion.

Food in Connecticut

Connecticut claims the world's first lollipop was made there, in New Haven in 1908.

Food in the United States of America

From the first state to the last of the States, we plan to visit all and explore their cultural diversity in food.

Food in New England

New England cuisine is strongly based on fish, seafood and dairy products.

Celery seed

Distinctive aroma and a bitter flavor than the fresh stalks, found in the form of flavored salt -ingredient in the Bloody Mary- and in soups, sauces, savory baking or marinades, especially for a barbecue.

Can you freeze cooked chicken?

And if you can, how long can you freeze cooked chicken?

Can you eat pink pork?

I know you can eat pink beef and pink lamb but not pink chicken. What about pork, can you eat it if it is pink?


Ginger has a strong, piquant and spicy flavor. Used worldwide. Europeans use ginger essentially in sweet dishes. Ginger is added in Indian cuisine to almost every savory dish. Chinese and Japanese cuisines prefer adding it to meat and fish dishes.


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