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Can you freeze cooked chicken?

And if you can, how long can you freeze cooked chicken?

Can you eat pink pork?

I know you can eat pink beef and pink lamb but not pink chicken. What about pork, can you eat it if it is pink?


Ginger has a strong, piquant and spicy flavor. Used worldwide. Europeans use ginger essentially in sweet dishes. Ginger is added in Indian cuisine to almost every savory dish. Chinese and Japanese cuisines prefer adding it to meat and fish dishes.


Beer related objects have become collectibles.

The Menorah

The Menorah signifies the Feast of Lights which commemorates the miracle of the oil in which one day’s supply lasted eight days.


Hanukkah comes from the Hebrew word meaning dedication. The history of Hanukkah begins with Alexander the Great who, after conquering Syria, Egypt and Judea, allowed all people to continue to observe their chosen religions. It wasn’t until later that the successor of Alexander the Great, Antiochus IV, caused a great upheaval in among the Jewish population.

Beer and health

The health benefits of moderately beer drinking are being studied.

The versatile tortilla

Tortillas, either made of corn or flour, have long been eaten by families in Mexico and now they are popular everywhere.

Breakfast in Italy

The Italy stop in the tour around the world of breakfast has to be full of passion.


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