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World Food and Wine visitors

World Food and Wine visitors are mainly interested in culture, wine, travel information, and recipes.

  • Page views - 200,000 page views per month on average with peaks on April, May and November that can double that figure
  • Visitors - World Food and Wine receives visits from people with a very varied profile from all over the world. On average, 59% visitors are female, 41% male. The age range is also varied, is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 45-54 and males in the 35-44 age range.
  • Countries - World Food and Wine receives visitors from all five continents and regions with a particularly strong input from the United States, United Kingdom and India.
  • Other demographic information - 12% of visitors are highly involved in the wine production industry and 24% visitors are researching information for food and wine projects or English studies, both secondary school and college level
  • Sub-domains - Advertise on and/or, the resource directory.
  • User & community behavior - Visitors are loyal and trust world Food and Wine as a resource for accurate information on food and wine for a country before they travel with an average 22% page retention and 62% on the content pages receiving the most traffic...

Advertising Units

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