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More than food in France

People in France consider food a pleasure and cooking an art. A French cook tries to bring out the flavor locked inside each simple vegetable and piece of meat, adding a little of this spice or that herb when food tastes too bland, balancing all the ingredients so no flavor overpowers the other. The French cook knows food also enters through the eyes and assembles the plate so that shapes and colors are arranged in the most attractive way.

Fettuccine in the manner of Alfredo

Fettuccine Alfredo is among the simplest, yet tastiest pasta dishes.

Wine in France

France is the country to beat in the wine producing world, an indisputable leader with global influence. Other lands have advanced great lengths and some are coming close to certain French wines, but no other has the climate and terrain to produce such an impressive and varied selection of great wines.

Food in Kansas

Kansas is the first producer of wheat in the U.S.A. However, when the Mennonites came to Kansas from Russia in the 1870s, they found the wheat farmers almost starving.

Food in the Midwest

The food in the American Midwest falls in the category of comfort food.

Food in Winsconsin

Food in Wisconsin has plenty of cheese and sausages, accompanied with beer.

Green tea

It is not always that we are so fortunate that something we enjoy is good for us. How lucky we are that green tea fits that role so well!

Food in Michigan

Food in Michigan is varied, and it comes with a cherry on the top.

Food in Illinois

Illinois is known for meat and grain processing and for signature dishes such as Chicago pizza. Discover as well Chicago hot dogs, Italian beef sanwiches and other interesting foods in Illinois, outside from Chicago.


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